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  1. If you want to PPK the Phantom 4 RTK log file, look for EZSurv post-processing software. EZSurv allows to post-process the flight trajectory recorded by P4 RTK. Once the trajectory is PPK, EZSurv's allows to import the timestamp.MRK file produced by the P4 RTK. The MRK file includes the precise GPS time at which each picture was captured. EZSurv will interpolate (from the PPK trajectory) the position of each photo (based on photo captured time). The file output can then be used in you photogrammetry software for mapping purpose. Here is a short document that explains PPK steps with EZSurv, at the end of the document, a link to a video for further details: PPK UAV data You can also try EZSurv PPK software, here's the link:
  2. Hi Dave, EZSurv does not use RTKLIB, it uses our own code. EZSurv works directly with the native format (as opposed to RINEX format). Especially with low cost receiver, using the raw signal is for sure an advantage (raw signal provides more details than a RINEX file). Moreover, EZSurv does PPK-fixe with ublox since 2008, so we have a lot of experience processing ublox data. We have tuned the software to get the best out of the ublox data! With the Emlid receiver, EZSurv OPEN is recommended. EZSurv by serial number is unfortunately not available since the ublox board are not serialised. EZSurv RINEX is also an option, if your environment is not challenging, losing details through the RINEX conversion may not affect much. For further details on EZSurv please contact me at
  3. Hi Dave, The following video explains: How to configure EZSurv, PPK UAV files and interpolate photo positions. It is a detailed video, especially for the configuration of the software (projection settings, geoid setting, set antenna height above camera, etc). You may jump at 2:07 minutes where the workflow for PPK processing is explained. EZSurv is all automated, so processing is very simple: load the flight and click on process. EZSurv does all the fine tuning according to your observations dataset in order to output the very best results possible.
  4. An easy to use post-processing kinematic software: EZSurv. It can be use with a wide range of GNSS receivers including dual frequency or low cost L1 receiver (ex. ublox, Emlid). Even with low cost receiver, it can achieve fixed centimeter accuracy. It's great for GCP, but if you do not want to establish GCP, it also PPK the flight trajectory and interpolate positions for each photo according to its GPS time of capture. Want to give it a try, here the link :