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  1. It doesn't have one but I attached an external GPS on it and so far it can easily manage the weight of the external GPS.
  2. Yes The lack of interest actually caused by the price. People expect a lot but pay too little. It's quite a market strategy from the client side also so that pilots would lower their prices.
  3. Well have more fun telling story and please share it here ?
  4. I agree, I've been there before an its awesome. By the way, Thanks for sharing this video.
  5. Nice Video! You have a good editing skills.
  6. Nice! You've done a good job showing the view of the place.
  7. Welcome to the forum! I don't think its an entry level though ?
  8. Thanks for clarifying but submission is already over I think and I don't have any photos ready for me ?.
  9. Does it have to be photos taken in Korea? And why did you post this here on the last day?
  10. Thanks! I also use those two but I can't seem to get it like the way you did. I guess you are just too good.
  11. Nice Capture! Did you edit the photo? if yes, What editor did you use?
  12. I have a Tello and I'm planning to change the camera to a better one. That's why I'm checking if someone already have success on it.
  13. Do you also have some videos you might suggest for someone who wants to modify drones?
  14. I actually purchased a secondhand from my friend because he already have a P4 and his tello was already unused for 3 months now. He sold it for $40 and I think it's really worth it. The videos is fine as long as you don't take it from too high.
  15. Agree ? Ipad is the best tablet for drones.
  16. I hope they could improve it to carry a person.
  17. Ipad Pro If he would like bigger screen.