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  1. well for $99 I think it will be a good practice drone.
  2. Eric Morgan


    yeah right haha
  3. this is actually just a basic algorithm(Flow chart). is there any software that you could write codes and implement it into the drone?
  4. yeah anyone can learn it... For yearsss
  5. that sounds unfortunate... if that happens, no more recovery. your drone will be gone for good.
  6. I just watched the vid. Nice landing! Perfectly stabled. Keep up the good work my friend
  7. You're welcome Feel free to ask more questions. I'd be glad to help.
  8. Yeah right haha. The most brilliant answer to avoid flyaways ?
  9. You can never avoid flyways my friend. Cause you can never predict what will happen. My only advice for you is to always be alertly ready.
  10. Yes it is. both work perfectly but the trackimo is much lighter compared to Mpolo
  11. Can't wait to see you fly this thing...
  12. try searching for Marco Polo and Trackimo. both have their pros and cons.
  13. here is everything you need to know about trackimo ->
  14. actually there is. the trackimo guardian tracker. it's one of the lightest tracking device so far
  15. I believe you can. but it may affect your drone's stability depending on the tracker's weight.
  16. Wow. That has to be the cutest built-in drones i've ever seen