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  1. Hi Spitfire76, Please fill out our form and one of our representatives will go over the details with you. You would be a subcontractor specific to your area. Once you sign up the area is yours and we mark it filled. What area are you considering? Thanks.
  2. We're Growing!!! Kino Cinematics is growing and on-boarding pilots throughout the US. Several states already have dedicated pilots and others are in the process...what exciting times. Once all territories are filled we will not take on any more pilots. Check out our map HERE. We are looking for engaging, personable candidates that love drones and all things aviation. Any flying and video experience is a plus, because you will need to represent Kino Cinematics. Our pilots need the following qualifications: Must FAA Part 1
  3. Hi Av8Chuck...I have several suggestions but too long to add in this thread...send me a private message if you want to discuss...thanks.
  4. William, You should check out the links below. It might be of interest to you. Thanks.
  5. Hi John, You should check out the links below. It might be of interest to you. Thanks.
  6. Quick question...are you coming across a lot of air restrictions?
  7. Have you checked current local law about using drones in investigative work?
  8. Hi William - Welcome to the group. I'm a little confused as to where exactly are you based?
  9. Hi Pat...have you done any videography with your drone? Also, what type of opportunity are you looking for? If you want you can go to our site and fill out this form and speak with one of us. Thanks.
  10. Hi Aurora, Just know that the DJI drones are great for flying with all the anti-collision features built in with their phantom and mavic models. If your fly them and suddenly need to stop, all you need to do is let go of the controls and the drones hovers where they are at. This give you time to get your bearings and ease the drone back to where you want it to go. There are other drones with the same features but you need to feel comfortable with the drone you fly. Sometimes spending a few hundred dollars more saves you a world of head aches.
  11. Congratulations Jay...welcome to the world of drones!!!!
  12. Pat - How long have you been a drone pilot and when did you get your Part 107 Cert?
  13. MartyL - how much are you asking for it? it may just be worth it to keep it and save the headaches if you are too worried about it.
  14. Hi MaryL, You can also sell it on ebay "as is." If you sell it on ebay then you have a record of when ownership was transferred to them...OR just keep it and build your collection.