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  1. 200' Class G? strange, had to find any G around here at all!
  2. They are not part of the test nor were they discussed in class live or online. I recall 1st seeing posts from other drone websites that it exists but no explanation as Ed mentioned or now as I see is on the 1st page of that site. Fortunately, there are good folks taking their time to help the newbies. Thanks
  3. When near BWI it very clearly shows where you can fly and how high its a great tool near major airports
  4. yep this is a tough area and I check the be4ufly app plus the FAA UAS map AND the FAA sectional chart (and TFR's etc). Can not fly in the Wash. DC FRZ but outside the 15 mile ring there are procedures for UAS that can fly up 400' subject to other TRF's, airspace etc. We also have lots of military areas. So, yes lots of restrictions but lots of areas still "flyable". Most of my missions are 200' or less. Where are you located?
  5. Hi all, Received my Airman Cert 6 weeks ago, just starting work for filming Real Estate, commercial and residential. Doing some work for filmmakers as well. Got a Phantom Pro 4, so far so good. Pretty easy to fly with lots of help from fellow PP4 owners and youtube! Based in Annapolis. Will say its pretty tricky flying around here with gads of restricted airspace!