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  1. Thank you very much, I shall try this and let you know Dave
  2. My Mavic photos seem to have a yellow color. Are there uTube videos or what to help me get the setting right with out doing post production? Thanks Dave
  3. Thanks; 100 miles would cover the area I usually fly in so this will save me lots of 'dance' time; Dave
  4. This question is for my Mavic pro, P3P and Inspire 1. After I have done the calibration dance and later move to a new site what distance is that calibration good for before recalibrating? 1 mile, 5 miles, 10 miles? Thanks Dave
  5. using either my Mavic or P3P my photos come out yellowish. The grass is as green as the tractor but the lawn sure has a yellow tinge to it. The field does have a lot of brown field grass but the lawn should be green. If I take a photo with my Nikon it is green. Even my Inspire 1 photos do not show a green lawn. I know it must be settings but I don't know which settings and what to try them at. Is there a 'utube' or other that will help or any of you that can help? Thanks Dave
  6. I fly P3P, Inspire and just got a Mavic Pro. When I loaded DJI firmware a new one loaded called "Drone Volt Pilot". It contains firmware for all three of my drones. I spent all day Sat trying to get it to work. Is this a problem with me or the new firmware. The old firmware just worked without registration that wants passwords, emails etc. I have tried to key in what it wants with no luck. You have really helped me in the past; any suggestions?