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  1. In my limited time flying, I can clearly see one of my rookie mistakes is relying solely on the DJI Go 4 app to fly the Inspire 2. The work I do is typically going to be condition assessment, thermal imaging, structure imaging to create drawings, and likely some inspection type operations. Would love to hear suggestions. Not really worried about price. Would like something that can track and log flights. Thanks in advance.
  2. I understand I can't get away from it, and I have no intention of getting away from it. As I am new to this I really just wanted to make sure that I wasn't flying in an area that needed authorization, which I'm not. Thanks for your responses.
  3. Ok so basically, I was fine where I was flying. Just do my usual due diligence and understand the airspace I'm in and I should be fine?
  4. Thanks for the reply. I haven't even thought of using another flight control app. I'll have to test that out. And I like to think I am aware of my surroundings, which is why I was a bit confused when the notification popped up on my screen.
  5. The authorization process can be a max of 6 months I believe. So when I put the dates in just do it for the full 6 months? What always throws me off is they ask about the frequency of flight. In reality the work I'm going to do I will be out 1-2 days top getting footage I need. Clearly because of weather I can't plan that far in advance for one day, so would you recommend just putting daily or weekly and submitting for a 6 month authorization? I would love to do that, however my risk management group would hang me from the rafters! (if they found out)
  6. We have an office in Chicago and I have received some question regarding our ability to perform operations there. It appears there is (was?) a city wide ordinance banning drone use. The ordinance said if the operation has approval by the FAA under Section 333 (ordinance was from 2015) then it's acceptable. Looking at the maps, it appears most Chicago is totally fine to fly. Anyone have experience with this? Am I missing something when I'm looking at the map?
  7. I was recently performing a test flight at a past project. The address of the operation is: 190 Moody St, Waltham, MA 02453 I did my usual flight planning and while I know I am near Class B Airspace, I am not in it. I took my Inspire 2 up to around 150' as I was looking to get some photos of a brick chimney at the site. Even at lower altitudes I was getting a message in my DJI Go 4 app saying something along the lines of approaching Class B Airspace. I had never seen this before. Is this common and is there anything I should worry about? Or should I just do my usual due diligence as I have been doing? The area I was is in Waltham, near Main Street, just north of the river as shown on the map below. I appreciate any replies as I just want to be sure I'm taking the necessary precautions.
  8. Hey all, my name is Sean. I work for a national engineering firm. Over the past year I've taken the initiative to start a drone service in our firm. I am currently the only Part 107 Certified Pilot in the company. I currently fly an Inspire 2 and will be getting an Inspire 1 for thermal imaging in the near future. I am looking for any advice on streamlining FAA Airspace Authorization (understanding LAANC is not available here yet but hoping for early 2018), as a lot of our work doesn't allow me to plan as far in advance as the FAA would like. Hoping to get some advice to questions as they arise. Thanks!