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  1. Such a law would destroy all commercial drone operators who operate near residential or commercial properties. Below is an example of what a typical entry level residential real estate photo job covers. The job below is less than a mile from the beach, a well known shopping district and a picturesque boulevard, all crucial for presenting the surrounding area and need to be in some of the photos. This job is inexpensive, takes less than a hour onsite to complete and generates at least 100 photos, where under 10 are fully processed as deliverables to the real estate agent client for use in the MLS. Most photos would be taken below 200 feet AGL with a few taken at higher altitudes and distances up to and sometimes further than 500 feet away. This job is profitable, but the margin is low. The job below would require written permission from at least 100 homeowners, who may not be in town or rent their property. At a minimum this would explode the cost of a job to levels impossible to sell to clients and more likely would simply be impossible to obtain the required permissions. Even if you followed all the rules, it is extremely difficult for an experienced profesional pilot to know precise position and altitude of a drone from ground observation, how are homeowners going to know this, plus who is operating that drone?