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  1. Yikes, somebody left the water running and the gas range on.
  2. There is also for online logging. They offer several plans for flight logging, maintenance, Safety, Checklists, etc. Their Standard Plan is free, with Unlimited Data Entries and is very easy to use. The Standard Plan is a good way to see if you like their system. It includes Automatic Flight Data Logging via DJI Ultimate. There are also several upgrade plans for a monthly fee.
  3. Got this question when I took the Part 107 test. It is a trick question and the answer is always 3 SM.
  4. If you follow Alan's link to the FAA FAQs it clearly states: If you operate your UAS exclusively under the Special Rule for Model Aircraft, you can voluntarily use the web-based registration process to register once and apply your registration number to as many UAS as you want. Unmanned aircraft flown not as model aircraft must be registered individually by the owner, and each registration costs $5. Registrants must supply their name, address, and email address, in addition to the make, model, and serial number (if available) for each UAS they want to fly. So, if you fly strictl