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  1. Thanks for the links Kino, shall complete the app
  2. As of December 12, 2017 all drones are required to be registered with the FAA. If you require registration labels to affix to your drone then please take a look at DroneRegistrationLabel website. We have been issuing FAA compliant labels since December 2015.
  3. Agreed Av, but my present inspection work is for a company that does not use the drones at this time and even though I know it would be a safer way of inspecting roofs it is not a cost effective method doing it for my present employer. I am working in conjunction with a Canadian based company that utilizes the drones for roof inspections and my role there is to examine the photos and provide a report on the roof condition. I will do more work with the my drones in a niche that is not really being exploited at present, so working towards that possibility.
  4. I have had my drones for about 3 years and have Section 333 exemption, shall get my 107 when I have some spare time to study. I do home inspections for insurance companies but the type I do the use of my drones is not cost effective. For me to walk around a house and take pictures then grab my ladder and get on the roof takes about 6 minutes for the average home, it would take considerably longer if I used the drone. I have done videos of the area I live in for one of the local businesses and have been working on a project for past 5 months of a home being built so it will go from bare dirt to