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  1. At this point, the best thing to do is contact you elected officials and make comments on The trade groups don't appear to be interested in helping anyone and the FAA can ignore us and push forward with this remote ID NPRM. If I recall, there wasn't a lot of changes (to the proposed part 107) before it became law. I believe bombarding our elected officials with comments will net us more favorable results. The shear volume of letters to elected officials is the best way forward.
  2. AMA affiliated clubs, with their privately owned airfields, and club rules, should be exempt from ANY new FAA oversight. It is total ignorance to think of these folks as "Drone" fliers and subject them to the same new regulations being imposed on the individual quad fliers. I suggest all interested parties visit.....and speak with....your local "scaled modeler's" clubs.
  3. In January of 2017, Trump signed "Executive order, for every new Federal Regulation, two must be omitted". With the new UAS registration rule......not only done so without NPRM.....but tell me what "two rules" were eliminated?