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  1. Alan, please.....have Zacc do a little research and write a piece on these brokers (such as DroneBase) rather than "news" that's viewed through rose colored glasses. Start with FB group "DroneBase Lovers and Haters". The business models of these brokers are NOT good for this industry. It's a "race to the bottom". Martin (Marty) Lachance Founder/owner of UAV Imaging Services, LLC First FAA authorized operator in upstate NY, section 333 First FAA sUAS "FAASTeam" Rep FAA DronePro Manned aircraft pilot since 1998 Manned aircraft mechanic, specializing in avionics sUAS Instructor for Rochester Air Center Example: My last comment with FB "DroneBase Lovers & Haters" Martin Lachance I believe they removed me from their pilot list after a phone conversation in which I said that I felt the pay-outs were insulting. I understand they were upset when I didn’t "accept", and then "declined" when they called me. There was a sense urgency with this mission and I guess no one else could accept it. I’m not one to be under compensated for a mapping mission over an active business with foot traffic and moving vehicles. It’s such a difficult environment to control. I’ve enlisted with several of these “brokers” and it’s relatively the same.......they want it dirt cheap. IMO, it’s not a sustainable business model. At least not at these prices. Unless you live in your parent’s basement, don’t have insurance, and fly with 3 year old platforms that you can buy for $500. It was good experience in the beginning when showing a profit was not top priority. But crash a $1,500 bird just once, and the mindset changes. Is the risk worth the pay-out? If you haven’t crashed yet, you haven’t flown that much
  2. Can't wait to see how well the obstacle avoidance works around deciduous trees when all the leaves are down. The tips of those tiny branches are drone killers. I want video 🙂
  3. At this point, the best thing to do is contact you elected officials and make comments on The trade groups don't appear to be interested in helping anyone and the FAA can ignore us and push forward with this remote ID NPRM. If I recall, there wasn't a lot of changes (to the proposed part 107) before it became law. I believe bombarding our elected officials with comments will net us more favorable results. The shear volume of letters to elected officials is the best way forward.
  4. AMA affiliated clubs, with their privately owned airfields, and club rules, should be exempt from ANY new FAA oversight. It is total ignorance to think of these folks as "Drone" fliers and subject them to the same new regulations being imposed on the individual quad fliers. I suggest all interested parties visit.....and speak with....your local "scaled modeler's" clubs.
  5. In January of 2017, Trump signed "Executive order, for every new Federal Regulation, two must be omitted". With the new UAS registration rule......not only done so without NPRM.....but tell me what "two rules" were eliminated?