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  1. I am currently registered for the free exhibition hall only pass, as I cannot afford a full conference fee. I am expecting to learn a lot by talking to various vendors, seeing and comparing various products, software products, and new technologies in image capture capabilities. I am hoping to see examples of some unique and specialized use equipment mounted on UAVs, and learn more about ground based stations for more accurate GPS in orientation and mapping in remote and complex landscapes. I am looking to meet and talk to interesting, innovative people in the drone community and hear the new ideas of experts in many areas of UAV applications.
  2. Yes! I do, I do want to attend the Commercial UAV Expo in Las Vegas! I have already signed up for the free exhibits only pass. I can not afford the full conference fee but attending the vendor exhibitions is still a great opportunity to learn about a wide spectrum of drone applications I could adapt to my work. I could learn so much more by attending the lecture tracks and hearing the speakers. I am grateful to UAV Coach for offering this opportunity to win a full conference pass! I am new to commercial drone applications. I have my FAA pilots certification and started a small LLC through which I hope to offer drone services. I am a field biologist who works on wildlife and habitat projects in remote areas, and I regularly work as a biological construction monitor on large infrastructure projects. Very little use of drones has yet been made in my line of work, but I see it coming. I see many potential uses for drones – mapping, infrared and multi-spectral photography for wildlife and vegetation surveys, night flights, beyond line of sight flights, nesting bird surveys on utility towers, and special applications requiring unique aerial equipment. These uses will draw on technologies and knowledge from across many industries and disciplines. I want to be able to offer the best knowledge and tools available for solutions to special concerns in field biology through drone technology. Attending this Commercial UAV Expo will be an exceptional opportunity for me to learn more about the technologies, companies, individuals, and legal concerns I will need to know as a professional drone service provider. Yes! I do want a full conference pass!