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  1. Hi all. Great group here! Thought I'd have a little rant. I posted this on Facebook a while ago so sorry to those who saw it there. I was prompted to write this after the announcement of the Yuneec Typhoon H. The technology is amazing and I love technology )and gadgets)! But, the manufacturers rarely mention the camera specs. They just plug their megapixels and 4K. If it's still a 1/ 2.3" sensor I won't get overly excited because it is still just a point-and-shoot camera in the sky. Sure I love just flying around, and I fly my RC planes too, but I would rather fly old technology if I could get it to carry a larger sensor mirrorless camera. As a serious hobbyist photographer, I am spoilt by my Nikon DSLR image quality. As good as some of the phantom 3 images/video I have taken look, they pale against the Nikon. Even more so if the lighting conditions are even vaguely challenging. If I manage to get a photo with the Phantom I like, I think "great!" Then my next thought is: 'imagine if I had taken this with my Nikon or even a Sony RX100.' Yes, there is the Inspire 1 Pro or professional rigs, but the cost is huge. I mention the Sony camera because there are a couple of prosumer drones coming out that may be able to carry these. The Prodrone is one. Have a look on We all have to work with what we've got – and within our budgets - and I'd rather use a point-and-shoot/compact-camera quality drone than none at all, but it shouldn't be that hard to get better quality. Any and all ideas welcome! Rant over!