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  1. I’m absolutely on board with how drones are being used to stop the spread of the coronavirus, and give hope to the unaffected people living in the mist of this epidemic. It shows how drones are actually saving life’s globally. Drones are our future and the future is now! I’m proud to see the creative ways drones are helping the people in China. I can’t wait to share these remarkable stories and videos with my students. We are all in this together to stop this atrocious outbreak.
  2. Hi, I would use the Mavic mini to practice flying everyday and to hone my skills, I would also use it to help teach my students about drones, it’s small and not so intimating so it would be easier to get it in a beginners hand and teach them about all the cool features, like quick clips and editing. The Mavic mini would be great to use to talk about drones and the various uses they provide.
  3. Hello everyone, I just got the best Christmas present ever, a brand new Mavic Pro by DJI. I am really excited to fly this drone and learn about all the features and controls. I picked my drone out a few weeks ago after testing the Mavic Pro, I was hooked. I love how compact this drone is, high quality and able to handle some weather challenges. I also got 3 batteries that came with my drone, that's exciting and a battery docking station and car charger. I'm looking forward to hearing all about the Mavic Pro and learning from the pro's already using the Mavic.