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  1. I was talking with Alan he suggested I try posting my questions here. Your help would greatly be appreciated, thank you in advance. Little background, I am writing a business plan and need some more information, below is the background and questions, thank you for taking the time. We are using a fixed wing UAV, with extended flight time. I am trying to figure out what the work requirements for the pilot and observer are. My source tells me, that a pilot can only have 8 hours of stick time a day and no more than 12 hours of total work time. Based on this my plan is calling for 3 pilots/observers for each sortie, based on the requirement that we always have pilot & observer working while we are operating our UAV. The idea is each pilot would fly 2 hours and then observe, then rest, trading back and forth. Based on this I am expecting a team of 3 give me 12 hours of continuous coverage. if I need 24 hours, I simply add another group. I have also been told to expect to pay pilots about $50k a year plus benefits. This seems alright for a new pilot, but wondering what a “lead” pilot with experience would be worth annually. The salary is only the base, there are other incomes to added on… Should each group have a more experienced pilot as it commander, as they will be operating in the field far from home base? Are my thoughts correct? Is there anywhere I can find the pilot/observer requirements in writing? I have been to section 107 and was unable to find. Is there anything else you thing would be important for me to know as I put this business project together.