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  1. No that makes sense I have just heard a lot of good thing about the I1 and I like the set up that it has and when I make alittle more money I would like to upgrade to the i2.
  2. Mike I am new to it all haven’t made it that far yet. I was wanting to get a drone narrowed down first.
  3. Thank you everyone for the info. It’s nice to have some professional advice. Now let me ask anyone this would it make more since to save up and invest in say an inspire 1 and have access to multiple different cameras. Because I am also in public service with a fire department and would use the flire inferred camera for instance. So would an inspire 1 do everything I need to do for both relestate and public service?
  4. Would you then consider an inspire series 1.
  5. Is the mavic pro a good drone to use for taking real estate pictures and videos even though the pictures are 12 megapixels?
  6. Hello my name is Carson I am from Oklahoma I am a firefighter in central Oklahoma and fly drones for fun but I want to start making a little more money on the side and get my commercial lisence. I was just wondering if anyone knew of a drone company in my state that would hire on any new pilots or if there are any companies at all.