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  1. Greetings Alan, From an equipment standpoint, I don't think I could have done anything differently. All batteries were fresh, Props in great condition, distance from control point to drone well within specifications. The obvious answer from a piloting standpoint is (and this a total 'in hindsight' answer) not to plan the entire shot sequence over the water. As I mentioned, the breeze from the control point was toward the pond. I knew that from the previous flights and I also knew how much effort was required to keep the drone on my side of the pond but still obtain the shot angles I was hoping for. I believe the lesson I walked away with was that on breezy days which require lots of positional adjustments during videography, (no position hold) mentally adjust your battery life/air-time expectations down 30% and plan your flight path accordingly. If your normal calm day flight times are 10-12 minutes or 12-15 minutes, adjust to 6-8 minutes or 8-12 minutes. Had I done that, I would not have assumed there was time for that "one last shot" before returning home. Which in this case was dry land. Never again...... (yeah, right!!)
  2. Greetings, Alan, I am Appalled!!! Just Kidding....... In the long run, waiting it out will be the likely scenario. Thanks for the input. Clear Skies
  3. Greetings Folks, If you happened to read my post under "Other Manufacturers" about my drone losing power over a pond, landing in the water and sinking, then I would like to expand on that issue here. My primary concern is not so much for the drone itself, but the 2-cell LiPo battery being in the pond and perhaps leaking in time. I realize that LiPo's and water are not a good mix but the pond is deep and retrieval of the drone/battery would be a scuba/snorkel endeavor at minimum. Admittedly, I was amazed at how quickly the drone (a Dromida XL 370) went under considering it is palstic, very light and with rubber landing pads. Should I be seriously concerned and even though it's winter, give my utmost to retrieve the LiPo battery? Normally, our summers pretty much dry up the majority of most ponds in our area. Can/should I wait? Clear Skies,
  4. Well, you try to do a favor for a friend and it usually backfires. Isn't that what they say? Today, it did. A friend of mine called and asked if I would assist him with the first flight of his RC Seawind Airplane at a local large pond owned by a mutual friend. Of course I said yes. What are friends for, right? Then I thought to myself, what a great opportunity to practice my aerial video skills and perhaps grab a few shots of his seaplane in action. The wind was at 5-7mph from the southwest and we were located south of the pond, which of course had the breeze constantly pushing the drone, a Dromida XL 370 which I'd flown many times, towards the pond. Well, long story short, the plane never flew because my friend forgot to connect the linkage rod to the rudder that allows the plane to maneuver while in the water. So that the outting wouldn't be a total loss, I decided to try and grab some aerial footage of a group of geese that decided to take respite on the pond. All was going well until, in my mind very prematurely - 3-5 minutes, the drone began losing altitude and flight control was limited to none. **Note: I charged the drone battery right before heading to the pond and the transmitter bateries were brand new. Normal flight times for this drone avg. 10-13 minutes. Although I made every attempt to reach any bank of the pond, all I could do was helplessly watch the drone consistantly lose altitude. In a desperate attempt to cling to any shread of hope, I began to chant, "I hope it floats, I hope it floats!" ............Well, let it be known that the Dromida XL 370 Quad w/1080P Camera, DOES NOT FLOAT!!! No way to rescue the drone until perhaps a drought dries up the pond next summer. (expensive) Lesson Definately Learned.....
  5. Greetings Alan, Tru Dat!! In fact, I'm munching on some as I type this...... MMMmmmmm!!! Have a Happy New Year's!!! Clear Skies,
  6. OK, My Birthday is here!! Actually, its been here all day..... As mentioned, I was hoping for a card or coupon saying "Here honey, go get Part 107 Certified!" Well, I suppose when I mentioned the Part 107 Test Prep Course, to my wife it must have come out as, "Hey, honey! Man, I sure would like some Hickory Farms Cheese and Bologna for my Birthday!!" .......Cause that's what I got.....(insert sad face here). Oh, well..... This calls for a new strategy....... Stay tuned.
  7. Greetings Alan, Well, one week from today is my birthday (December, 29th). When asked by my wife what I would like for my birthday I requested the Part 107 Test Prep Course!! Fingers crossed!!! Clear Skies,
  8. Greetings, Thanks Alan, I'm glad you see merit in additional content toward STEM and classroom drone education. I look forward to seeing how we can implement it. Clear skies,
  9. Greetings George, Welcome to the Forum!! I am technology center faculty member and we also work with drones and flight training. Glad to have you aboard, Clear Skies
  10. Greetings Alan, Thanks for your input (or is it output??) If the pilot is in constant line of sight with his drone 'he/she' is the Obstacle Avoidance System, right? Usually when the OAS is advertised as a "sale" feature, it's demonstrated while in the 'follow me' or other type of tracking/autonomous mode. I suppose if an operator were lose line of sight (behind a tree or a building) or was forced into a RTH scenario, OBS might prove advantageous. Other than that, I don't know. Anyway, I'm still anxious for your full review of the Typhoon H. Clear Skies!!
  11. Greetings Emmanuel, WELCOME! Glad to have you with us! Isn't it awesome when we can reach out and associate with like-minded people regardless of goegraphy!! Clear Skies,
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    Greetings Weller, WELCOME!! Glad to have you with us!!
  13. Greetings Alan, I for one would like to see a section of the forum focused on Drone Education. Let me clarify, I'm not thinking of education from a learning perspective perse' but, from a 'How Do You Teach' perspective. There are many of us in the classroom environment (and more coming on board every day) who are always on the lookout for 'a best practices' approach to drone curriculum development, hands-on applications and sustainable progress. This is so necessary as Drones are being introduced to our students at an earlier and earlier age through STEM programs now emplemented at the elemantary school level. I believe it is at this EARLY stage where our introductory drone education MUST stress good flying habits and an understanding of the fundamentals associated with responsible UAV piloting. Too, many of our young people who will be receiving drones for Christmas will be allowed/expected to fly their new drones under only one guideline, "Don't chew up the dog!" Long, story short, I would very much like to have the opportunity to be able to compare and contrast what/how other educators promote solid drone education (both related to curriculum and flying activities) within their classrooms. The forum would allow me/us to make that connection. Just my thoughts........
  14. Greetings, WELCOME to the forum. I'm sure you have already but, if not, check out Alan's Part 107 Ground School and Test Prep. 99% pass rate!! Best of Luck. Clear Skies,
  15. Greetings Dave, WELCOME!! You've come to the right place. Lot's of great folks always willing to answer your questions. Clear Skies,
  16. Greetings, Don't know if this has made it around yet but, I thought I'd Post it just in case. Clear Skies, You are receiving this email due to your affiliation with the Academy of Model Aeronautics. Save Up To $400 On A Yuneec Drone! Yuneec Will Make A Donation to the AMA Foundation. AMA has partnered with Yuneec, a leading maker of drones, who will make a donation to the AMA Foundation when you make a purchase this holiday season. Shopping for a drone for Christmas? Buy from a leader, Yuneec awarded "Best of CES 2016!" Not only will you get a great price, you'll be helping your AMA Foundation fund education programs and community-based programming. Yuneec will donate up to $100 depending on which drone you purchase. Use promo code "AMA001" so the AMA Foundation receives credit. Breeze 4K Compact Drone with 4K UHD video - safe to fly indoors and outdoors. $399.99 Reg Price $499.99 Yuneec Donates $25 to AMA Foundation Enter Promo Code: AMA001 TYPHOON H with Intel® RealSense™ Technology Hexacopter with 4K UHD Video, Obstacle Avoidance, and accessory bundle with backpack and more. $1,499.99 Reg Price $1,899.99 Yuneec Donates $100 to AMA Foundation Enter Promo Code: AMA001 TYPHOON 4K Professional, stable 4K UHD video on the go. $699.99 Reg Price $799.99 Yuneec Donates $50 to AMA Foundation Enter Promo Code: AMA001 Model Aviation's review of Yuneec's Typhoon 4K. TYPHOON H Pro features in a consumer friendly package. $999.99 Reg Price $1,299.99 Yuneec Donates $75 to AMA Foundation Enter Promo Code: AMA001 www.modelaircraft.org © 2016 Academy of Model Aeronautics. 5161 E. Memorial Dr., Muncie IN 47302. Tel.: (800) 435-9262; Fax.: (765) 289-4248 - All rights reserved. For problems with this email please contact marketing@modelaircraft.org.
  17. Greetings, Indeed, I have 25 students so needless to say batteries a plenty will be employed!! Clear Skies,
  18. Greetings, I too have a great interest in this aircraft. Alan, I will be very interested in your evaluation, especially if you have the opportunity to test the OAS (Obstacle Avoidance System) as from what I've read it's a bit old school technology as compared to the P4 Pro. Looking forward to your thoughts. Clear Skies,
  19. Greetings, WELCOME, to the forum!! I just ordered the New UDI 818A with FPV and VR Goggles. I have been wanting to introduce my students to a variant of FPV flying a bit more exciting then glancing down at their cell phone. And we will certainly have plenty of spotters!! The UDI set up seems like the perfect blend of value vs. affordable entry level equipment. Clear Skies,
  20. Greetings Vincent, From your information, you've come to the right place, WELCOME!!
  21. Greetings, Thanks Alan, I'm so glad we got the post thing squared away. I would like to send you a PM to discuss how we might incorporate the UAV Boot Camp and make it available as a short curriculum packet to all of my students (25) including the practicum. I would email though until you provide a go ahead. Thanks again,
  22. Greetings, I was wondering if anyone is flying the Hubsan X4 Pro? I have been flying mine for about six months and I find it to be an excellent aircraft. It's funny that this quad never seems to get much attention. I have heard rumors that for what ever reason, Hubsan (which originally touted the X4 Pro as its latest state of the art drone) has dis-continued the X4 Pro but, I'm sure there must be quite a few still out there. Anyway, I'd be interested in hearing about anyone else's experience with this unit. Clear Skies,
  23. Greetings All, It took me a bit to get here but, I am really excited about being part of this community!! Formerly a Lockheed Martin employee, I am now a Technology Center Teacher focused on Electronics and Aeronautical Technologies in Oklahoma. As I employ RC Airplanes, Rocketry and Drones as an important portion of our curriculum, I am always looking to learn whatever I can to provide a more enhanced learning experience for my students - which range in age from high school juniors to retired adults. I am also very interested in establishing the knowledge and the skill sets necessary in pursuing a future in commercial drone piloting. As Alan would say," Long Story Short", i'm looking forward to interacting with and learning from the community. Again, happy to be aboard, Clear Skies,