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  1. It's funny you say that, I actually tried a few new techniques with the 2 Gopros and Litchi and figuring out how to properly program Litchi to record those runs was very satisfying. Half the fun of this whole thing is playing with gadgets
  2. It took about 3 batteries for the general drone footage one afternoon, and about 4 hours with 3 batteries for the running drone shots and the ground shots.
  3. I am lucky to live in a beautiful area in Prescott, AZ. It took me 10 months to finally get the 107 approval to fly over this area, here's the video. Shot with a combo of DJI Mavic hand-flown and pre-programmed with Litchi for the running shots, DJI Osmo with z-axis for the stabilized running shots, and GoPro for the fixed shots.