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  1. Hi Chuck At the moment I have a phantom 4 Pro with 7inch Crystal Sky Monitor. Photography is mainly Company Marketing example Hotel chains etc. This sort of thing Hythe imperial Hotel Weird on the link just tried it myself went straight to it. maybe the site was doing update etc? unless you see something different? Thanks for the reply and the info! Regards Scott
  2. Hello All Just joined this community and looking forward to helping and learning! I am a CAA pilot in the UK Based in Ashford Kent Looking forward to working anywhere though, As I like to travel! Only recently Passed with the CAA so still on a learning Curve. Over 15 years as a pro Photographer and Cinematographer. Just made a little site here for my drone side of the business Aerial Photography Ashford SDimaging Recently went on a trip to iceland and shot this video just for fun! youtube site Look forward to chatting. Scott