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  1. Hello, My name is Jillian, an Architectural Designer at Urban Architecture Lab in Los Angeles. I have 7 or so years of experience in the CGI industry; rendering vehicles, airplanes, shoes, and most recently new mixed-use buildings in Los Angeles. I have begun to fly a Phantom 4 Pro for our proposed sites. Rendering our 3D building designs on top of the drone footage, camera tracked and composited in After Effects. (I have one example linked in the gallery. Yes, the building flickers - low render settings due to time constraints. (one week delivery) Typical right. I'll re-render
  2. This is a still frame of a 3D rendered building inserted into aerial footage. Shot with Phantom 4 Advanced. Camera tracked in After Effects. Building rendered via 3DS Max. The full video is on vimeo. (click to watch it on vimeo. I removed privileges for external embedding.)

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