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  1. Hi Robert, Thanks for sharing your local experience around LA, that's what I thought just follow the rules from Part 107. I hope the LAANC system continue improving to cover most of the Airports in USA to get prompt Controlled Airspace Authorization without waiting that long.
  2. Hi OADphoto, Thanks! I really appreciate your support with any information. I'm not sure about the cellphone towers location in LA, but I think it will be in different locations for sure. So, once I get the locations I will start looking into VFR, Skyvector and AIRMAP tools. My only concern if there is any specific requirement and regulation different than other cities or states in USA that we need to be aware of. I have attached the Part 107 Summary file, please correct me if this is not the updated one. Part_107_Summary.pdf THANKS!
  3. These are the tools We use: http://vfrmap.com/ https://skyvector.com/ UAV Forecast APP AIRMAP APP
  4. Totally Agree with you. Before we fly, we make sure to plan ahead with the tools for aviation MAP and Weather forecast, "SAFETY FIRST".
  5. Hi Av8Chuck, Thanks for your reply. So far we haven't flown in controlled Airspace, all the Cellphone Towers we have inspected have been more than 5 miles from Airport and no more than 400 Feet AGL. We have only requested local property authorization to access to some cellphone towers. I'm just curious if there is some local requirement and regulations flying in LA that I need to be aware of.
  6. Hello, My name is Jorge, I'm Commercial Drone Pilot, working in a Telecom Company, currently flying in Georgia for Cellphone Towers inspection, most of the time using M600P with Z30 Camera. My Team is planing to start flying in Los Angeles area, and we are not sure the differences with the Regulations and requirements between Georgia and California. So I will appreciate if this community can help me out to get more detailed information about flying in Los Angeles area. By the way, I got the Part 107 Certificate back in January 2017 Thanks to DronePilot Ground School Team. Here is a Proof of the BEST UAV COACH in the Drone Industry I'm excited to start flying in Los Angeles. Thanks in Advance for all the Support! Happy flying! Sincerely Jorge Luengo