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  1. Glad you liked it, Chase! And thanks for the call out on the low flying shots - I like to daydream of new, inventive ways to use drones at low angles and altitudes. Who says you gotta get up to 400'? Life is sometimes more interesting at 4. And yes, fall is the best - been wanting to put something like this together for some time. Best, Alex
  2. If you're a beginner, just practice flying. Today's prosumer-level UAVs don't need any additional attachments, but those that do are usually reserved for more experienced pilots who want to improve their flight or enhance their shots. That said, the only attachments I have for my Mavic are PolarPro's Cinema filters.
  3. Hi Donna and Ryan: I shot this using the DJI Mavic Pro, with PolarPro Cinema filters. Edited and color corrected in Premiere; graded using Ground Control's Falcon LUTs. And yes, like most aerial photographers/videographers, I pulled over to shoot landscapes. But I quickly discovered my subject was at a much lower altitude. Glad you enjoyed it and hope to have inspired you in some small measure! -Alex
  4. Love the decision to tilt the camera on its axis. Not used to seeing that in aerial videos - unless it's a gimbal error - and the extreme nature of the tilt, even though it was obviously rendered in post, lent a lot of gravity to that shot that would otherwise not be there. Bravo!
  5. Thank you! Yeah, I think as UAV cinematographers/photographers, we get so consumed with altitude, we tend to forget to check in with subjects up close. A drone can provide perspectives and/or access to these persons, places or things you might not otherwise be privy to if you were to shoot with a traditional camera. I'm endeavoring to capture more of these kinds of subjects this year.
  6. "If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water." - Loren Eiseley I cross the 'wrong-way bridge' in Cambridge most days of the week. With a morning mist settled over the Lamoille River, I stopped to grab a few shots from the air. What I didn't realize at the time - perhaps not even until I edited this entry - is that the water would be my subject.
  7. Thanks buddy! Like the reverse wave clips - there really is no accounting for personal taste - haha!
  8. Nice work. A little critique: found the auto-exposure on some of those overhead drone shots a little distracting - next time, I suggest you lock your exposure. Also, the environmentalist in me is saying: "Shut off those faucets!" Seriously though, no need to run them. For 7M, we will assume they work. Haha!
  9. Hello 'Av8Chuck': Thanks for the compliments! Indeed it is 100% Mavic Pro footage. Any over-exposure is pilot/shooter error as I was new to my Polar Pro set at the time and I believe I used the ND8 filter when I probably could have gone with the ND16, especially when shooting those bright, white sale boats. I like to keep the ISO at 100, which was perfect for exposing the water and terrain features however. As you know - it's so tough to find a balance sometimes. In case you're interested, I shot the footage in D-Log and graded using a LUT from Ground Control's "Falcon" package. Again, thanks so much for the feedback! -Alex (follow me on Insta @majesticvideovt)
  10. The serene beauty of the Portland Harbor and Old Orchard Beach, Maine in early October. The serene beauty of the Portland Harbor and Old Orchard Beach, Maine in early October.