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  1. @Alan Perlman @Dave Pitman Great information and ideas! I appreciate your replies too, thank you! I will make an attempt to contact the town manager and get a better feel for the town and their feelings towards drones. I have no interest in upsetting a small town or the people who reside there, I would love to see drone pilots and the community CO existing in a peaceful way. I guess it’s up to us to paint the real picture about who we are and who we aspire to be. Thanks guys! - Funny side note, I was shooting real estate today and a landscaper purposefully drove under my drone and flipped it off and told me to F off... .. the struggle is real ???
  2. I’ve expressed interest in flying my drone in Telluride Colorado, I visited their web page unable to find any information on drone use, so I emailed them. They sent me this: https://www.telluride-co.gov/DocumentCenter/View/6033/Drone-Flyer?bidId= After reading through their City “Ban” the regulations seem back handed. They are obviously discriminating against drone pilots. For example, its clearly stated you cannot operate in the town of Telluride or surrounding areas, nor may you operate over any private property near the town, deemed trespassing. Why then do they continue to “paint” the image that drone pilots are capable of being- violent, abusive, drug abusing, alcoholic, reckless, animal harassing pilots? Why would anyone want to “purposely harm people or animals with drones”? Intent to harm an individual with a weapon would be considered “aggravated assault“, therefore they created a redundant law for drone pilots not to commit a clearly known felony. Why then state the additional rules if they made it clear you cannot fly there anyway? I feel that the intent of the city drone ban (likely posted throughout their town) could be for the purpose of Banning flights while discriminating against drone pilots. Could this considered a form of discrimination? And How does the town manager determine who’s fit to fly in the town? Are local pilots favored over tourist pilots? Do we not have any rights or say in this matter? Why are they aloud to paint us like the enemy?
  3. Here is a quick review I did of the DJI Mavic Air video specs
  4. Here is a quick review I did of the Camera Video specs on the Mavic Air
  5. Here is some footage I took in the Colorado Mountains near Silver Jack. Enjoy! Dji Mavic
  6. Here is some footage I took in the Colorado Mountains near Silver Jack. Enjoy! Dji Mavic