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  1. The form is an online training type of course with a multiple choice exam at the end. It’s pretty straight forward and includes the added rules for flying over people, night flying and remote id. This will complete your recurrent 24 month status. So yes it does apply to you.
  2. The recurrent testing online went live today in case anyone was wondering. If you let yours laps during the pandemic situation and need to become current for your 24 months you can do so at the following link now without having to go to a testing center. https://www.faasafety.gov/gslac/ALC/CourseLanding.aspx?cID=515
  3. Particularly I’m referring to Brunswick here (BXM). Not sure if that helps...
  4. So, I’m pretty sure I’m conducting flights appropriately but need some peace of mind. Many of our airports here in Maine are shown on the sectional charts as Class E Airspace with a 700’AGL floor(Class G sfc). As a 107 certified pilot I’m clear to go fly within those airspace’s without notifying anyone correct? The reason I ask is because I saw last week one of the airports had posted on their Facebook page to remind drone users they had to notify the airport within 24hrs of any flight with 5nm of the airport. I have a feeling they are really speaking to hobbyists and modelers, but just
  5. @embayweather Id like to thank you for bringing some light to a topic like this. Im sure there are more people out there with disabilities specific to mobility issues that can benefit from drones. I used to be a land surveyor after I graduated from college until I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis which effected my legs and took away my ability to walk for many months. I was unable to continue to carrying heavy equipment and walking long distances anymore. This happened 9 years ago at the age of 26 (wow, it seems like yesterday ) Im now 35 years old and do design drafting for a civi
  6. Great, thanks for clearing that up!
  7. Question...If you have 3 pilots in a company that will be flying one UAV, who do you register it under? It seems that registration is specific to a specific pilot under their license. Would you have your drone marked with 3 different registration numbers for when each is using it? Im kinda confused. Ryan
  8. Last fall I took on the opportunity to develop a UAV program within the civil department of my company. I chose to use Drone Pilot Ground School as a teaching aid in guiding me through and studying for the part 107 exam. After successfully passing the exam with the help and great courses put on by Alan, I moved forward with a business plan and finding vendors for our company to utilize. Fast forward to now, we are receiving our DJI Matrice 210 this week and are excited to get started in implementing this program into the company. Being able to attend this conference would greatly help further
  9. i was looking to get some references or any information on 3DR and the service they offer in getting companies drone programs up and running. Anyone using their tech support or site scan software? Any good or bad vibes? Thanks in advance!
  10. Hey all - My name is Ryan and I’m new to the drone community here in the northeast. Looking to dive into this industry and see how we can incorporate it into our civil/survey workflow. Kudos to Alan and the course curriculum he tought. Passed the Part 107 Test yesterday with a 95 ?? Ryan B