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    Hi R. Martin, Thanks for that insight, sounds good advice. Coming into an industry with no knowledge of it is always tricky. Cheers. Bob
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    Hi, My name is Bob, I'm from the UK and have been looking at the Drone industry for a while and I am interestedf from a work and pleasure perspective. 1. Work. - My job involves surveying propery of all natures, buildings Civil engineering projects etc., and a lot of the time they are high rise and there are areas of projects not easily accessable. So a drone would make a very useful tool to my tool kit where I can access and visually inspect areas much easier than otherwise would be the case. So thats the work element in brief. 2. Pleasure - It appears obvious to me that one can gain a lot of pleasure and interest out of flying a drone in whatever capacity one chooses. Obviousely to be done in the right way, i.e. observation of all safety rules and regulations etc., So, I have not purchased a drone as yet and have no experience of flying one. I with any subject prefer to spend some time stuying it and once feeling comfortable with it Jump in. If anone can offer words of advice i would be appreciateive of any pointers. Thanks and regards to everyone. Bob.