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  1. Point well stated, Av8Chuck. Thank you. And thank you Craig and Completenirvana for for your thoughts. All very helpful. While I've decided to wait and see what the reviews for the new H Plus have to say before diving in head first I am also exited to hear rumors that the P5 may be just around the corner. In the mean time I'll probably dip my toes in the water with a Hubsan X4 H501S as a relatively inexpensive crash dummy.
  2. All good stuff. I've seen lot's of $150.00 options that I could learn to stay in air with. Thanks.
  3. Greetings Airmen, I am just getting started with Part 107 training and can't wait to start flying. My dilemma is this: which drone to start with? I'm getting into this as a fun way to reignite my long dormant interest in photography. So you can understand why I would be interested in a "prosumer" level drone. 4K video and high end photo quality are important to me. But having never flown a drone before I am worried about crashing my new $2K-$4K investment on my first day out (I do intend to get some flight training). So, when I heard about the new Mavic Air I was intrigued. Awesome