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  1. I know I'm a little late to this discussion, but I'm curious if anyone here is flying anything that actually meets the requirements for this RFP. Most (ok, all) of my experience is with commercially available multi-rotor rigs. Are there many or any mass produced multi-rotors that would meet this BML/DOI 2 hour continuous flight time requirement?
  2. @Marty L Drones have a huge potential to reduce cost in this field. We have used fixed wing aircraft to do thermal scans looking for things like illicit sewer discharges, water line leaks, and springs/cave system discharges. As others have mentioned this is still an emerging role for general purpose drones, but since your project more than likely won't need super specific detection limits I assume that you should be able to get this working. I'll follow this with interest. I am working on offering some of the same services to local municipal utility districts.
  3. A little update on this. I flew a dronebase mission in a community northeast of Nashville yesterday. The property was a shopping center located at the corner of a busy intersection. The flight took place at noon, so traffic was heavy. I called the non-emergency dispatch number and told them I was planning a drone flight. They appreciated the heads up and let me know that they have an informal notification system in place. They took my name and number and asked for the approximate start and end times so they could let officers in the area know that a flight was in progress. It was a complete
  4. @Alan Perlman shoot me a message if you ever want to get together to talk flying. The weather for tha next two weeks isn' great, but I'm always interested in meeting others in the same market. I put in my class C area wide authorization about a month ago as well, but based on your comment and those from others on this site I'm not holinng my breath for a quick resolution. @oneald Fort Worth! The Dallas/Fort Worth area has to be one of the most hated charts on the part 107 test. Good to hear that you were able to develop a working relationship with the local PD. I'm just hesi
  5. @R Martin This is kind of what I was thinking. Do you have a PD contact? Or do you just call one of the non-emergency information numbers and give the information to someone? I'm hoping to do more work in and around Nashville and even though the police were more curious than anything else today I really want to minimize the chance of someone taking a picture of me holding my P4 next to my work truck while talking to the police. Maybe if they are aware of my flight ahead of time I can save myself from having a picture like that misinterpreted by potential clients.
  6. Thanks Ed. This is interesting. I had a dronebase mission in Nashville today and the complexities of the flight really had me wondering about this. On another note, I made it approximately 15 minuted before the police showed up. They were very polite (mainly interested in seeing the drone) but it got me thinking. Does anyone ever give the local PD a courtesy call before a flight in an area where it may draw attention? A quick heads up phone call would probably go a long way towards establishing good relationships with the PD and city in general. Thoughts?
  7. Good Morning Everyone, I really hope that my first post isn't going to put me on a moderator watch list, but I'm really interested in your answers. With the FAA still being super slow on reviewing airspace authorizations I know that a small subset of pilots are flying without the proper authorization. Hypothetically, do these pilots still contact the local ATC and let them know about planned flights even without the authorization in place? It seems like the logical and safe thing to do.
  8. I’m based out of Nashville but travel frequently. I’m currently flying a P4 standard but need to get a second drone anyway. If the work is there I’ll snag a P4 pro and help you with whatever project needs you have.