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  1. UN /UNOSAT uses live/ realtime maps for disaster management: The content comes from UN-Asign, a phone app by Ansur Technologies for crowdsourcing imagery. Ansur Technologies also delivers UAV-Asign for UAV usage:
  2. GEO-VISION is a European Horizon 2020 project, aiming to save lives and critical infrastructure during emergencies and disasters by utilizing UAV/ drones and space resources such as satellite communication. It is using the RAIDO/ ASIGN software suite for mission critical visual communication by (see also The working areas involve: • safe use of UAVs during operations • use of smartphone applications for in-field data collection and communication, • trustful and reliable crowdsourcing • interactive and smart communication concepts • rapid online mapping and development of an operational network structure with field users, on-site operational centers and remote headquarters. Please comment and share your impression with us! See the video on youtube:
  3. In case you need to monitor power lines, look for damage on oil pipelines, check border fences you are flying beyond line of sight often in areas without terrestrial networks, thus using satellite communication. Getting real time images or videos to the control center is a cost intensive situation. Here our solution can help you save up to 99% of bandwidth and cost by only transmitting relevant content in high definition while sending standard content only in preview quality. In case of video it can be a reduced frame rate. Check out the RAIDO Mission Critical Multimedia Communication Suite at by See here the video of our test case: Cobham AVIATOR UAV200 SatCom link via Inmarsat on a Nexus-II drone with RAIDO software on board:
  4. We from provide software for mission critical visual communication which includes rescue missions with drones, civil safety and disaster management. We work together with UN and other civil safety organisations. see this video from test operation: Also have a look onto our mid-size UAV solution:
  5. Checkout this testcase for live video streaming from a UAV: Using ASMIRA from the UAV can be flown with visual transmission even with very low bandwidth. A preview of the video takes can be delivered in real time concurrently to the "normal" live camera view for the pilot, thus you can see the footage while the bird is still airborne.