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  1. Congrats on getting your wide area clearance! Now that you have your authorization who are you planning to notify prior to your flights? While you can notify the local airport, it is not a requirement. While conducting airspace research (you can use AirMap or UAS Facility Maps) to verify the predetermined safe altitude for the area where you're needing to fly, it would also be a good idea to pull up the location using DJI's Geofence Map to determine if the area is locked. You can search for a specific location here: If the area where your needing to fly appears in a Blue area, you can use the 'DJI Self Unlock' and if the location is in a Red area you'll need to use the 'DJI Custom Unlock'. The custom unlock requires information from your approved airspace authorization and coordination with DJI prior to the flight. If possible, it would be best to work the custom unlock coordination prior to showing up at the flight location. *You may have to log into your DJI account to use the links above. Hope that helps!
  2. Hi B, I'm interested in hearing more about what your real estate associate might need. I'm located in Jonesboro, AR and Brinkley is about an hour and 1/2 from me. Please forward my email address,, to the interested party. Thanks! Mike