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  1. Is a Part 107 certification required for these jobs? If not please reply to me at or (541)603-6581. I am about ready to take the Part 107 certification test this month and would like to be considered for these positions. I have a DJI Inspire 2 and all accessories needed to perform this task. Also I have been flying my drone for approximately 200+hours and I am a very skilled UAV pilot. I live in Eugene Oregon USA. Thanks and I hope to hear from you. Phil DeVore
  2. I have been flying my DJI Inspire 2 about 300 hours and the reason I would like to attend this event is to get my foot in the door with the drone industry. I fly my drone every chance I get to hone my skills and become a better/safer UAV pilot. I started out flying smaller drones to get the hang of being able to control my drone. And then I graduated from there and upgraded to my current DJI Inspire 2 after many, many hours of flying those smaller ones. I am a retired/disabled Vietnam veteran and also a retired furniture/cabinet maker and I believe this is one of the reasons I am such an accomplished pilot. The same coordination is transferred from my skills as a furniture maker to my piloting skills. My main focus is to get into real estate, cinematography, or anything that involves the drone world. I am hoping that I am selected for attending this event. Thanks for the opportunity to be selected. Phil DeVore