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  1. A small job I did for a friend that owns their a real estate company. Nothing to fancy, nothing compared to @JBR LIFE Photography. Just looking for some feedback so I can improve in the future.
  2. Man, That's a beautiful house, I wish I lived there. Good job. I'm a little worried, I might doing a house kinda like that one. I don't want to botch the beauty of the house. you do a very good job portraying the beauty and features of each house you do. off topic, did you drink the cup of coffee ? 😁
  3. Luke

    Army Aviator looking for advice

    Yes, they most likely are using them for those reasons and more. I know they use them a lot for scouting out areas they will be operating in for big events. There was quite a few during 4th of july evening in the larger city in my area. Whatever they need them for, they have them.
  4. Luke

    Army Aviator looking for advice

    Id think they depend on them quite a bit. Our local sheriff Department has a 8 drone fleet that's on call plus 10 officer carry DJI inspires 2 and yuneec H520.
  5. Luke

    Miami Beach // South Pointe Park at Sunrise

    Looks good to me man.
  6. Luke


    Welcome @Rafael ruiz . Nice to see you here, good luck studying for the test. Merry Christmas !
  7. Luke

    Kittyhawk: A Must Have Drone App

    Thanks a lot ! I'll check it out soon.
  8. Luke

    10 Enemies of a Drone Pilot (poll)

    For the drone pilot or the drone itself ? Little confused.
  9. Luke

    Kittyhawk: A Must Have Drone App

    Is it like air map ? A sectional chart ?
  10. Luke

    Masters in UAV

    To be hired ? Or to start your own business and then be hired ? Most people aren't looking for drone pilots to hire full time. Most pilots have their own business and offer their services to possible clients. That's probably your best bet when it comes to being hired.
  11. Luke


    Very nice, what drone do you use ?
  12. Luke

    Buzzy the Drone: What do you think?

    Only catched my eye because it sounded silly. That's the only reason I found myself here. Sigh, just wasted 45 seconds of my life. somewhat interesting nonetheless, just to see what other people think.
  13. Luke


    Hi, Welcome to the forum. If you have any questions just ask. Someone here can help you. Welcome again.
  14. Luke

    Breaking in

    Welcome to the forum. Nice to see you here.
  15. Luke

    Rick from Wisconsin, U.S.

    Welcome man, nice to see you. The H is a good craft to be flying, I have one myself. You should check out the YUNEEC drone forum, if you haven't already. Blue skies.