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  1. ......You never stop amazing me with your creativity. The pool shot legit blew it out of the water. Loved the timelapse at the end as well. very nice work.
  2. did you use photography lights for this one, or just whatever light you could get from the house and windows ?
  3. Hi, @MartyL You may find more help at I'm sure someone there can give you more help. Sorry we can't help you here.
  4. Yeah.... I don't think so. The government has money and people to build their own drones. Or they can have someone like @Av8Chuck build them nice drones. They don't DJI to make them a "no data sharing" drone. Like really ? Are we going to buy that ?
  5. Hey, I live in California. You can train me I'm no threat to you. ( unless i buy one of these house you make look so good. ) But i do know a guy whos moving up to your area. I don't think he does real estate videos, but he does have some nice videos. Mainly 3D mapping.
  6. I Don't have a DJI, but want one. I have the YUNEEC typhoon H. I got the restrictions taken off by just giving yuneec my part 107 number, then they gave me a code to download onto the drone. A lot of my friends who fly DJI are having problems with airspaces and updates with these drones. Sad they have to deal with that stuff.😢
  7. Check out the YUNEEC drone pilot forum. Those guys can help you. I fly the typhoon H, not the tornado. Hope this helps.
  8. Hello fellow YUNEEC pilot. Repost this in the Yuneec drone pilots forum. They can help you. I'm over there as well. if you can't find the website, just dm me and I'll send you the link.
  9. Very nice job. I liked the music, worked well for just 1 minute.
  10. A small job I did for a friend that owns their a real estate company. Nothing to fancy, nothing compared to @JBR LIFE Photography. Just looking for some feedback so I can improve in the future.
  11. Man, That's a beautiful house, I wish I lived there. Good job. I'm a little worried, I might doing a house kinda like that one. I don't want to botch the beauty of the house. you do a very good job portraying the beauty and features of each house you do. off topic, did you drink the cup of coffee ? 😁
  12. Yes, they most likely are using them for those reasons and more. I know they use them a lot for scouting out areas they will be operating in for big events. There was quite a few during 4th of july evening in the larger city in my area. Whatever they need them for, they have them.