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  1. Luke

    Masters in UAV

    To be hired ? Or to start your own business and then be hired ? Most people aren't looking for drone pilots to hire full time. Most pilots have their own business and offer their services to possible clients. That's probably your best bet when it comes to being hired.
  2. Luke


    Very nice, what drone do you use ?
  3. Luke

    Buzzy the Drone: What do you think?

    Only catched my eye because it sounded silly. That's the only reason I found myself here. Sigh, just wasted 45 seconds of my life. somewhat interesting nonetheless, just to see what other people think.
  4. Luke


    Hi, Welcome to the forum. If you have any questions just ask. Someone here can help you. Welcome again.
  5. Luke

    Breaking in

    Welcome to the forum. Nice to see you here.
  6. Luke

    Rick from Wisconsin, U.S.

    Welcome man, nice to see you. The H is a good craft to be flying, I have one myself. You should check out the YUNEEC drone forum, if you haven't already. Blue skies.
  7. Luke

    Newbie kind of..

    Welcome sir. Nice to see you here. There is a thread on surveying and drone racing here in the forum index. Welcome again.
  8. Hi, Nice to see you here. You're in the right place to start. Drone Pilot Ground school has done a very good job making their ground school. Lots of people here have taken this class and walkout of the testing center with a 90% or more. I will be on the webinar as well. Good luck to you sir.
  9. Depends on what you have to spend. Something simple, get a YUNEEC breeze, DJI Spark or other selfie drone. Small, compact, not to expensive and easy. Something good but not super expensive, DJI phantom standard, or YUNEEC Q500 4K. Good range and have gimbals. Or if you plan to go all the way, you could pick up a DJI Mavic pro or zoom. Small and compact, very long range, fast, 4K, gimbal and a ton of other features you can find on any other drone. "But I already have a drone" Ok. I took my Typhoon H on a vacation across the country. What I wish I had for that was, More flight time. I have 4 batteries for my drone. I wish I had like 6. I get around 18 minutes on each battery. I'd suggest getting a handful of batteries. If you don't already. For travel, I wish I had a hard case for my drone. That might be helpful at times. Hope that helps. best of luck to you on your trip.
  10. Luke


    Hello. Nice to see another fellow YUNEEC pilot here. I have the Typhoon H. I'm on another forum that talks just about YUNEEC drones, there's tons of helpful people there. This link will take you to the website, just scroll down until you see the tornado forum section. Also, to echo what @Av8Chuck said, learning your drone is very important. Knowing what everything does and how it works is worth understanding. There's this guy I watch on youtube who does a great job on some how to videos on drone filming. I've found him very helpful. If you're new to drones, he has lots of tips and methods to get your footage to look its best. Wishing you the best. If you have anymore questions, just ask. You can also PM me if you have any questions about YUNEEC drones or just ask on the forum.
  11. Luke

    3 Navy Pilots and a New Startup

    Welcome to to the forum. It's nice seeing our military here. Thank you all for your services. Marry Christmas !
  12. Luke

    3 Navy Pilots and a New Startup

    Uh oh ! Look out @JBR LIFE Photography ! Their after you !
  13. Welcome to the forum. Nice to see you here.
  14. Luke

    2018 Demo Reel

    Some very nice shots. I like the one with the Soldiers breaching the room. Good job and Merry Christmas.
  15. Luke

    Air travel

    I'm not sure if they'll let you carry Lipos with you. Your drone, sure I don't see why not.