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  1. B, Hope the weekend treated you well! My name is Cody McGill, I'm originally from the Central Ark area. I'm based in Chicago doing real estate and inspection projects now In 2016 I frequently flew for projects with Bedford Camera and Video in Little Rock. Reach out here or or call/text me 501-779-8145 Best! -Cody
  2. Great to see that this post generated a great welcome. Much appreciated everyone! I've been pointed initially to the Chicago Area Drone Users Meet Up. Hope to see anyone in the area who can make it. See you at Together We fly Better! Chicago Area Drone User Group Invite a friend Simply forward this email to a friend and have them join the Meetup. Saturday, March 17, 2018 at 12:00 PM Ned Brown Meadow South side of Golf Road, east of Interstate 290... Elk Grove Village, IL Directions
  3. Hey everyone, my name is Cody. I live in the Chicago area. My drone is a mavic pro. My drone-goals are two pronged. I'm looking for a place to collaborate and learn from as I create a successful aerial imaging solutions company. The other prong is to share and get feedback on the cool shots I capture. My background and passion are in photography, and through photography I've found a love to fly drones. I'll attach a shot from my trip to the Ozarks! Here's my website Can anyone point me in the best direction to learn about experiences with Thumbtack and/or DroneBase missions? -Cody