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  1. As I stated a couple months ago a free sample does alot to get you started, look at it this way your out flying taking videos and photos, editing, practicing with the drone, your spending your time, who is paying you? Now go out do the same thing for a few people, apply your skill. Someone likes your work you may even get lunch out of it, they tell someone and so on, and the next thing you know people are calling you. As a real estate agent I have alot of "free" time even when I'm working very hard for people, I only get paid when a property sells, the more I give away the more I get back, in referrals. I drone shoot my listings and other agents see what I do and they want to offer their clients the same service, until they find out what's involved getting the license, insurance the FAA and the equipment costs, so they give me a call, now it's no longer "free" time.
  2. Are you using a laptop or tablet for editing I have an HP with windows 10 and it a nitemare uploading videos sometimes you can't find them and when you do the photo and video software won't let you do much, I even have 2 teenagers in the house that get frustrated with it and they do computer stuff constantly. David Corcoran
  3. Thanks for your feedback I have a phantom 3 just for light work and playing around it's a good trainer with little investment, also bought the inspire for better quality later on but it's a lot more intimidating but it's also very graceful and an Osmo for my inside work. But now I have to look into editing equip and not sure how to proceed I thought apple was my best bet since dji software doesn't work the best with android, I need a good starting platform, become familiar and move up from there. What are your thoughts. David Corcoran
  4. Just wanted to give you my take on offering a free sample. Several years ago I started an auto reconditioning business in my backyard shop, I went to the area car dealerships talked to the general managers left my card and a price sheet and went home to wait for the phone to ring. 3 weeks nothing, decided rather than sitting around with nothing to do I could try some free stuff at least I wasn't sitting idol. Went back to all the dealerships offered to clean 3 cars for each dealership for free, how could they loose. I impressed them so much with the quality of my work 3 out of the 5 dealerships had me as there exclusive detail shop and 2 of the dealerships paid me for the free ones. Within a month I had to hire help, at 6months I hired a second person and a book keeper ran that operation for 3 years and turned it into an auto body shop for another 3 years. All from cleaning 15 cars. I'm going to approach my drone photography with that same idea since I have my real estate license and have met a lot of the agents through classes. My First shoot is with the office manager who in also the board President and my mentor, I have offered to shoot a couple of Her more expensive listings when the weather improves and see how it goes. Any feedback or thoughts would be helpful. Dave Corcoran Fingerlakes region NY