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  1. New link to ebay listing.
  2. DJI Phantom 4 Pro+ Obsidian Edition Remote Controller. Condition is Used. Shipped with USPS First Class Package. Slightly used, no damage or cracks in screen. Works excellent. I need to sell to get one that can hold a mini ipad. Obsidian in color and works great. Shipping is for US Based packages. Contact me for shipping costs Intl. Asking $495 plus shipping.
  3. Thank you Christian. Appreciate the followup and the constructive comments. Best regards Coogan
  4. Thank you AV8Chuck and JBR Life! Thank you for the honest constructive feedback on my first video. Don’t worry about offending me as I am here to learn and expand my knowledge based on the experience and wisdom of others. I’m not some “snowflake” hoping for a participation trophy for “trying”. These are all good comments. Thank you for taking the time to express them in detail One thing to note on the transitions is that it was a requirement for this exercise. But, I appreciate the comments and will utilize them going forward. Any my other suggestions or books/websites to read and learn from are appreciated. Let me know. Again, Thank you again for honest feedback as it seems to be lacking so much in society today. Respectfully Michael Coogan
  5. Hello Christian Here is my demo reel using my DJI Phantom 4 Pro + with 4K lens. I shot it yesterday near Gainesville, FL in very hot weather (95 Degrees F) at approximately noon. 1. What NLE did you use to edit your piece? Final Cut Pro 2. What resolution did you edit in? Shot in 4K 60FPS and used natively. Would probably downgrade to 30fps in future. 3. Did you decide to showcase all of your capabilities with UAS or just a specific area? If a specific area, which one? (i.e. Motion Picture Filming) I used both video and photos for the final product. I tried to go between photo and video as I walked through the farm. In future, I think it would be better to do all photo's first and then do videos. It got confusing to try and do both at same time and continuously adjust settings between both styles. 4. How did you decide on which music track to use for your piece? I chose the track based on being up beat and light hearted jazzy sound. 5. How did you decide on the feel you would want your piece to take on? I made this video for a friend of mine trying to sell this farm and wanted to make it light hearted and interesting so he could use in his marketing of the farm. He only wanted pictures of the farm but wanted to make a video so someone could get a feel or walk through of the size and scope of the place. 6. What is the story you are telling through your footage? The story is to show this small blueberry farm isn't as big as someone might think. The idea was to show the size, scope and the house and pond on the property. The top down shot of entire farm was requested by realtor as his focus was on showing small size of farm. 7. What are 3 important lessons you learned from editing this video that you know will help you in future videos? 1) Take longer videos to enable better opportunities to cut the video to match the beats. The length of videos wasn't long enough to give me flexibility to cut where I wanted to. Or find another music track to suit the length of videos. I tried to use longer transitions to match the beats and cuts to music. 2) Shoot videos earlier in the day so its not so hot and gives best lighting for the shoot. I did a lot of color correction on videos and pictures as they were a bit overexposed. 3) Getting a feel for how the videos and composition play into the final product. Get more of a sense of what to shoot, how long, angles etc. for final product. I think this process is a good one for really understanding the course. It's one thing to do the only course with the sample videos provided. It's a whole other level to go shoot your own videos, get settings right etc, and then match to music. I had to go back a few times to course to remember how to do a few things. Also realized I need more memory and speed on my machine!!! lol.