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  1. New link to ebay listing.
  2. DJI Phantom 4 Pro+ Obsidian Edition Remote Controller. Condition is Used. Shipped with USPS First Class Package. Slightly used, no damage or cracks in screen. Works excellent. I need to sell to get one that can hold a mini ipad. Obsidian in color and works great. Shipping is for US Based packages. Contact me for shipping costs Intl. Asking $495 plus shipping.
  3. Thank you Christian. Appreciate the followup and the constructive comments. Best regards Coogan
  4. Thank you AV8Chuck and JBR Life! Thank you for the honest constructive feedback on my first video. Don’t worry about offending me as I am here to learn and expand my knowledge based on the experience and wisdom of others. I’m not some “snowflake” hoping for a participation trophy for “trying”. These are all good comments. Thank you for taking the time to express them in detail One thing to note on the transitions is that it was a requirement for this exercise. But, I appreciate the comments and will utilize them going forward. Any my other suggestions or books/websites to re
  5. Hello Christian Here is my demo reel using my DJI Phantom 4 Pro + with 4K lens. I shot it yesterday near Gainesville, FL in very hot weather (95 Degrees F) at approximately noon. 1. What NLE did you use to edit your piece? Final Cut Pro 2. What resolution did you edit in? Shot in 4K 60FPS and used natively. Would probably downgrade to 30fps in future. 3. Did you decide to showcase all of your capabilities with UAS or just a specific area? If a specific area, which one? (i.e. Motion Picture Filming) I used both video and photos for the final product