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  1. Its reel season! With many new pilots coming into the drone industry I believe we will see a lot of new drone demo reels. I am going to start the party by including mine. For new pilots I hope my drone demo reel can show you what you can get out of your UAV. Feel free to post your reels in this thread!
  2. Hey fellow pilots, Hope everyone is having a good holiday season. I figured I could make my contribution to the holiday season by providing an aerial tour of Christmas lights in New Orleans. Many of the traditional light attractions have been shuttered for foot traffic due to the pandemic but what safer and cooler way to see them than with a drone? :-). Hope you all enjoy and have a great holiday season.
  3. I would like to be a beta test pilot. I am Part 107 with over 250 hours of flight time. I am based in Louisiana, which is one of the emerging drone service and utility markets in the country. I can be reached at
  4. Tips for flying in the French Quarter. The Airspace is Class G, HOWEVER, there is a lot of aerial traffic in the area including coast guard helicopters, military jets, and of course other drone pilots 🙂. The best shots are going to be of Jackson Square and St. Louis Cathedral (the white church). If you want to get the front of the church with the city in the background for a golden hour go at sunrise, if you want to get the back of the church with a river shot for a golden hour go at sunset. Try not to fly to far because the magnetic interference is really bad and you will get a choppy or loss of feed at about 1,500-2,000 feet. Last but not least, try to fly with a partner. The French Quarter is known for its petty crime such as pick pocketing and purse snatching. However, armed robberies can occur so make you have a partner when your flying especially when its dark or getting dark. I hope this helps you out and I look forward to seeing future French Quarter money shots from this community.
  5. Hey pilots this is Captain Philip with another drone video tour of the French Quarter, this 300 year old neighborhood is the tourist gem of New Orleans. Filled with history, art, architecture, culture, night life and more. Below is the tour with beautiful aerial imagery and insightful information. Also I am going to post a comment under of tips of how to fly in the French Quarter if you ever make your way to New Orleans.
  6. Greetings, Below is a drone video tour of the Louisiana swamp lands! This video has a lot of great imagery and great information so I hope you enjoy!
  7. Two years ago, I had the opportunity to get drone footage of an offshore oil rig deep in the Gulf of Mexico! I recently repurposed it and turned it into an "aerial tour". Topics I touch on include the oil and gas industry in the state of Louisiana, the size and scope of an offshore oil platform, and a look into the BP oil disaster. Hope you enjoy!
  8. It's a four part process in my opinion 1. Find ways to bring value to your clients. 2. Next find ways to set you apart from the competition and/or get noticed organically. 3. Find ways to showcase and market your talents 4. Deliver EVERYTIME! Hope this helps. Best,
  9. @Cap'n Chip I had something like that happen to me a few months ago (I have been flying commercial for three years). I was on a large construction site and my Phantom 4 Pro plopped out the sky as well. I thought it had hit one of the tall cranes. But upon looking at the data it was nowhere near the crane. A worker recovered it and luckily no one was hurt.
  10. Have a great fourth of July Weekend. Check out this aerial tour of the USS Alabama, a World War 2 Battleship that played a part in many campaigns in the Pacific Theater.
  11. Hey Everybody, Curiosity post/poll, which drone is everyone looking to buy or have bought this year curious to see the answers!