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  1. I had a nightmare trying to obtain permission to fly in Malta, I started approx one month before I traveled there. I struggled to find the right people etc who I should contact, then once I did have the details I contacted multiple departments and conversed with the right people. I provided all the right paperwork ( insurance, risk assessment, location, proof of previous flying, FAA permit, permissions gained etc plus more). They said the didn't receive it, yet replied to my email with it attached, then didn't respond for ages. By this time i was a day away for my trip. Email backwards a
  2. Hi, If I fly near an airport or helipad etc, I always contact them and ask them if they are ok with me flying nearby, Most times I get the ok from them or sometimes i arrange to fly before 9am etc. I haven't had any real issues with a small airport.
  3. Hi Everyone, I've been flying my drone for around a year, one bad crash that meant my drone had to be replaced. But love flying my drone and look forward to being part of this community.