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  1. Thanks for the greeting @Steve BennettWhile I am waiting for the interminable rain to stop I am studying Youtube videos trying to get my head around the map and the radar. Maybe I am over-thinking things. But I really need to acquire the confidence that if I panic under pressure (which I am sure will happen the first time Sparky goes out of sight), I will be able to cooly and calmely know where the drone is in relation to my position and get the heading right to bring it back (without RTH ideally )
  2. Thank you for the greeting @Alan Perlman!! Hope to be touch with you guys. Am looking forward to really getting things cracking with the Spark if it would just stop raining!!!!
  3. Thank you Thank you @Ray Kaforey for the welcome. Sure feels like a friendly place to be. And man, is this a slick Forum application!! As regards the Samsung S2 in fact I did hours and hours of research on tablets and what kept coming up consistently was "don't touch the S2!!!". .... and that the S3 has no issues. Now of course I am no expert but the whole S2 story could be impacted by versions of GO4 too - ie maybe all is now fine with the current GO4. I really did not want to go for Apple which I understand is probably the most reliable tab as I want to use it for non-drone
  4. Thank you @Spitfire. Yes that crashing thought occupies my mind constantly - both from a cost point of view - and a liability point of view. Re the display, yes that is a hugely important point (especially for MY eyes) which is why I am HOPING that the "Super Amoled" display which the S3 has will be good for this. Guess there's no real way of knowing until I've bought it. I know some of the iPads ( I know the IPad mini does) have a "anti-reflective" screen but have not read any reviews of that thus far. Wow , super impressed by you building your own drones. Sounds like it has become a
  5. Hi everyone from the Sunshine Coast Australia! My goal is to share my knowledge and bring you all up to speed - I know NOTHING - you are now up to speed!!! And that is my status - I know nothing - well, pretty much as I don't think having owned a Spark for a week and taken it for a spin around the garden about five times (albeit without mishap admittedly) counts for very much......But we have a farm and so when this patch of rain ends am going to put it through its paces. Thought I would start with a Spark as not a massive investment if I bury it in the side of a hill or put it