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  1. we are a Greek company
  2. Lets talk about business leads through e-mail, please use for this. Thanks
  3. Hi Cloud, yes its me, the same person
  4. RTK is meant to make the drone flight a lot more accurate. Since the Agras is RTK ready, I suppose any other model featuring RTK tech would be fit/fitter for agri use. Remember that although Agras is purely a sprayer drone, a wider spectrum of agri uses is possible with the use of spectral cameras.
  5. We are in the crop spraying business since the beginning of time, that is 1886! It’s time we take a Great Leap Forward into the future.
  6. We are newcomers in the field. Kicking off with the DJI Agras MG-1S and then on venturing into multispectral crop analysis. Precision agriculture is our major concern. Glad to be part of this community!
  7. Just saying hi! We have just acquired a reseller license for the Agras MG-1S We are in here to suck up knowledge! Cheers!