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  1. Hello everybody, I am a beginner and I would like to start making videos and taking pictures with drones. Until now I have exercised now and then with a E011 minidrone and a Syma drones just to get a first idea of how to pilot a drone. Now I would like to buy my first "serious" drone for videomaking and aerial photography. I gave myself a budget of 400 euros that is more or less 440 USD. I am planning to buy a second hand but well mantained drone. What do you think? Which drone should I purchase? My idea to buy second hand as a beginner is possibly too risky? Thanks
  2. As for the E011, I mean this one, that can be used also indoor Then later one I would upgrade to something like Phantom 3 by DJI especially if I find a good bargain for a used one
  3. I am making a sort of plan. Drone pilots here in Italy tend to discourage to buy expensive drones immediately. They say the risk is you destroy the drone the first times you pilot it So I would like to start with a cheap drone, almost a toy, to acquire some skills and then upgrade to a good one My idea would be to buy a Syma X5C-1 plus additional batteries, and then perhaps also a small E011 plus additional batteries Then when I acquire more confidence I would upgrade to a better one
  4. Hello everybody, this is my first post after introducing myself I didn't see any beginners section so I post here My wife and I would like to buy our first drone. We have no experience at all. We would like to make short videos, during vacations for example. I would like to try with a cheap drone, new or used, in order to start this hobby and see if we like it. This also in case that I destroy the drone due to inexperience as a pilot... Still, I would like to buy a drone also good enough to enjoy, otherwise if it is not good enough you don't go on any more If possible,
  5. Hello from Italy! My wife said she would like to buy a drone (!!!!) and I said to myself this is a very good chance to get another awesome electronic gadget I am sure I will learn much here and I hope to give something myself