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  1. Everything worked now, just need to reorder some parts I accidentally fried by being stupid
  2. Any idea why my so racing f3 flight controller does not receive any signals from the rc receiver? Receiver is connected to transmitter, and wired according to this video. (Yeah, he Torverhältnis the name of his FC a bit jumbled up) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AtxrcwZZXKk
  3. PROBLEM SOLVED!!! I reinstalled all the suggested drivers from the rc manual and the clean flight welcome menu, and changed my USB cable to a high quality cable from Sony thanks so much for helping and advising me, this step is finally done. I might be coming back to you when I flash the ESCs thanks a lot!
  4. I tried everything you suggested, nothing worked. I now switched computer again, so finally the "cannot open serial port" error is fixed. Well, that sounded good to me, but now I get the error "communication with boot loader failed". I tried a software called firmware flasher demonstrator, it failed just like everything else. Any more ideas?
  5. Great thank you, I'm gonna try that when I get back home, right now I'm in holidays (finally)
  6. Yeah, I tried that i don't know why, but even zadig can't find the flight controller, and I somehow do not have any com ports to choose from in cleanflight. I'm right now trying some different drivers, I'm going to come back to you once I know if this works or not
  7. Sadly this is not the case, there is no ports listed, and I'm on windows 7 - i tried out the similar choice for my windows version, didn't work, sadly.
  8. So, everything arrived and is connected, but cleanflight is giving me issues. Whenever I connect my sp racing f3 fc per usb-cable (and only the board, with only the connection to the computer, and nothing else), cleanflight gives me the error failed to connect to serial port... I should have installed every necessary driver as well, but do you know how to resolve this?
  9. Thank you, interesting that when ordered in china it only costs half. I might have to come back to you when the parts arrive (along with some xt60 to t plug adapters), but I'm already really thankful for your help, it would've taken ages to figure out this fault on my own (and a second flight controller, as I probably would've fried mine, trying to connect it directly with the battery) ;D by the way, do I only have to connect the first port of the rc receiver with the flightcontroller or some other channels as well?
  10. Seems like I forgot to mention the 3s liPo battery correct me if I'm wrong, but the ESCs can handle 2-4s, so do they still need a BEC? And does the flight controller need a BEC?
  11. thanks a lot already for the video series =) initially, i wanted to buy the parts as a kit, but hen the reseller didn't ship to my location, so I sourced every part on its own, although theoretically they still are similar to the kit - which is why everything should be compatible. Reptile Martian II frame with PDB racing f3 flight controller little bee 20A Pro ESC *4 readyToSky RS2205 2300kv motor *4 Eachine TS5828 Transmitter FS-i6 transmitter with Fs-IA6 receiver 5.8 GH antenna rx and tx 5.8 GH rc832 av receiver and ts832 transmitter cheap chinese camera spironet circular polarised 5.8GH antenna and, of course, a bunch of cables that should be everything I have
  12. Hi guys,I am building my first racing drone. I thought it would be easy as it's not the first radio controlled thing I've built (electric longboard) but apparently a drone is a whole different story I finished the frame as far as I could without obstructing the electronics, but I simply don't know how to connect everything together. Although I already checked with multiple Tutorials and other resources I came to no definite conclusion, so here I am Here's 2 images of all the parts I have, do. you know how to put them together? Image 1: Image 2: It may be that the pictures contain some unnecessary parts, they're simply leftoversThank you,Drizzel