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  1. Hey @Alan Perlman! Sorry for my delayed response. I thought email notifications were turned on but they were not. I really appreciate you taking time to chat with me earlier and having a look at the photos to understand my questions in more detail. Looks like it should be possible to get around 6 views (of the 8) that I was wanting because they are under 400 ft. AGL as long as I can stay away from people and moving cars. For the views over 400 ft. AGL I will look into finding some options where I could be within a 400 ft. radius of a building and 400 ft. above the building.
  2. Hey Everyone! I am a newly-certified part 107 certified drone pilot and new here to the community. I need some guidance on what is possible and what waivers & authorization I can ask for under Part 107. I need to capture video and photos in 8 different locations in (about) a mile long stretch along I-75/I-85 (the Connector) in downtown Atlanta, GA for a large project to cross over the interstate corridor. I don't have a hard deadline, but it needs to be completed within 6 months if at all possible. I spoke with a guy at FSDO in my region and I'm even more confused now about w