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  1. Try looking at Altavian Nova. They advertise 90 minutes of flight time. I bet if you talked to their engineers they could help sneak out another 30mins. They also were just award a large US Army contract....Might help out your proposal.
  2. Agbor, I wish you well in your adventures and hope you are able to find an internship!
  3. Great time for a career change. I am seeing a trend that experts from other industries come into the drone industry and become successful. Your background in law enforcement will give you a competitive adavantage if you serve that market with your drone services. My past experience as an engineer in oil and gas helps me out tremendously when I provide my services back to the industry I worked in. -Brent
  4. Thanks for posting. I was barely able to sneak my application in as I just found out about this today.
  5. That’s awesome to hear. It also has probably something to do with the fact that it is a legacy drone. The cost to repair vs sending you a new one is probably pretty close. Plus with this type of move it builds brand loyalty. Now you know what type of service you get. Heck you may end up posting on a drone blog about your experience.....builds brand even more for the company.
  6. Inspire 2 if that’s out of your price for starters go with Mavic Pro you can compare a video I shot with the mavic here. or a video i shot with an Inspire 1 using the X3 camera and a Sony a6300 for ground shots
  7. Yes I was thinking exactly the same thing as Alan. The Tello is your drone. It has excellent flight stability. Stores video and pictures directly to your phone no SD cards. The flight time for the drone is also really good for the price. DroneBlocks has an app on the App Store too that you can program the drone to complete simple or complex flight missions using logic blocks