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  1. @Adam G Skyward is no different in that respect. One advantage of AirMap over Skyward is that you can request permission to fly through the app. With Skyward, unless you're an enterprise level user, you have to do it through the browser (they no longer support this feature for free accounts.) I can't imagine doing this through a browser on the phone. But one great advantage of Skyward is that it allows you to request authorization for different sections of the same airspace in a single request (i.e. 100ft, 200ft & 400ft. AirMap gives you only the lowest ceiling height, which forces you to submit multiple requests for the same flight.
  2. Solved! Here is the response from AirMap: "We went ahead and investigated further into your experience and identified that there is an airspace conflict at Boeing Field:This was scheduled to be resolved in a LAANC update yesterday, but this overlap may be more persistent than previously noted. I escalated this technical issue with our developers and I will be happy to keep you up to date once this has been resolved as soon as possible. I do apologize for the inconvenience.During this time, if you notice any abnormal issues, please notify us your experiences are critical to ensuring that the AirMap for Drones application is accurate and up to date." As a side-note, while I was waiting for AirMap's response I submitted a request through Skyward and got an authorization. Cheers!
  3. Hi everyone, I run into a problem yesterday with LAANC that's baffled me since (I am certified under Part 107). For the second day in a row, I am having difficulties obtaining an FAA authorization in a place where I always get approved (47°34'58.7"N 122°22'14.7”W). I have done this many times and it is not a case of a user error. It appears as if some privileges are unavailable to me. On the last page of the AirMap where I am supposed to submit the request, I get a message saying “Rejected Upon Submission - Do not fly in Class D controlled airspace without ATC authorization”. Being Part 107 certified and having flown here numerous times, like a day before yesterday, this makes no sense. Another odd thing; YESTERDAY, under “advisories”, it showed that “automated authorization available at or below 400 ft” for BFI airport (in which airspace this location is). TODAY, it does NOT list BFI as having automated authorization available at all. It just says that it requires FAA authorization. I also called the ATC yesterday but didn’t hear back from anyone. There are no TFZ’s in the whole state of Washington or other restrictions in the area. As a side-note, I run into the same problem when I try to request an authorization in other controlled airspaces in the area. Anyone had a similar issue somewhere? Thanks!
  4. Well, good old Canadians have an answer to my question right here. I should have googled more before I posted the question. If anyone else wonders, here is the full answer to my question: "As you would be classified as a 'foreign UAV operator,' you will need to apply for a Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC). SFOCs are the primary means to work legally with your UAV in Canada and are administered by Transport Canada's Civil Aviation Regional Offices. For more information on submitting an SFOC application, please contact the regional office that best corresponds with the region of Canada you intend on operating in. For more information on Canada's UAV safety guidelines, please visit our Drone Safety website."
  5. Hi, I have a job coming up in British Columbia that will involve flying a drone (I am licensed under Part-107.) Anyone familiar if flying commercially in Canada is even possible for foreign citizens? I just emailed Transport Canada to inquiry about this but that may take some time. Thanks!
  6. Thank you @R Martin and @Ed O'Grady . Both of you confirmed my fear. I am trying to get more information from the client about what the expectations of their needs are..... As I was typing that last sentence I got a response. Good news! For now, my focus is Boeing Field, not SeaTac. So, I'm about to start writing my first authorization request. Good luck to me! And thanks to you!
  7. Hi everyone, I am preparing to apply for an airspace authorization that covers a wide area and encompasses 2 airports, SeaTac (B) and Boeing Field (D). This is for a contract that lasts until the end of this year (and hopefully will be renewed.) The facilities where our services may be needed are spread all over the place. Most fall into D airspace (Boeing Field), while the other, largest facility is the SeaTac airport itself (B). Since we're talking about a very wide area covering two airports, I am wondering if I can even apply for a single authorization? The client is the same. I've attached a map. Pink arrows point to airports, while those two areas highlighted in red show the locations of the facilities. Thanks a lot!
  8. Thanks a lot to all of you. @Alan Perlman , this is a couple of months ahead but I hope it turns out well. Does anyone know if it's possible to find some good samples of waiver and authorization requests?
  9. Hi Martin, thanks for clarifying this. I just added a new file with a more precise area of operation, which encompasses a pier where I will be flying from, and where the drone will take off from. Does this keep me in the clear? If I understand this correctly, as long as I do not enter the most NW square, I am good.
  10. Ed, thank you so much for a great response, I really appreciate it. Hopefully, more people will share their thoughts. Cheers!
  11. Hi again, I am preparing to apply for an 107.41 authorization and not a waiver due to the amount of time it takes to get a response. So let's say I apply for an authorization tomorrow (in hope of having it approved in 90 days), can I then apply for a waiver (with similar specs) the following day? Thanks!
  12. Hi, I need help with something. I am getting conflicting information about whether or not I am able to fly a drone in a certain area (I am Part 107 certified.) When I look at the sectional charts and FAA UAS Data map it appears that I cannot fly here, which has been my understanding all along. But when I look at the AirMap (with Part 107 selected) and Kittyhawk, it says I’m good to go. I am attaching screenshots from all of them. The area in question is circled in all 3 screenshots. Thanks!