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  1. The real challenge Ed is our town and the financial challenges we are faced with here. Lake Havasu City is a wonderful place that offers an amazing lifestyle. unfortunately along with that are low wages and an Arizona mentality that doesn't allow for common metro business expenses. We are ten years behind here on many levels and business owners won't budge. That being said, if i could simply find an affordable software solution i could begin the process of offering the service and allow it to grow in the community as a much needed option.
  2. I have a client who owns a solar company. They have asked me to provide drone services to estimate the installation of solar panels for approximately $100 to $150 at each property location. Normally estimators don't charge for estimating. Some are paid up to $100 to get up on the roof and produce a hand measured estimate. The problem I'm having is finding a software/service that will allow me to produce aerial photograph measured estimates at an affordable rate per job site. Currently, I'm only finding software's with service contracts that cost approximately $100 per job site leaving m