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    That's too heavy ?
  2. Welcome and happy flying co-pilot!
  3. Well, it depends on the person how dedicated he is. But the simplicity of the drone is not that hard to train yourself with I believe.
  4. I'm no expert but maybe it is caused by the power lines? That may interfere your flight. Do your drone have logs that you can view?
  5. i forgot about this. they used a cellphone in the video you shared, why not a gps tracker? there are trackers which uses sim card to track them
  6. whoa, this is something to look forward to
  7. is there a video regarding the flight of your drone? would be interested
  8. soo you need to replace the motors?
  9. hmm i'll make a research on that
  10. ohh okay. so which of them did you choose?
  11. and not heavy that to make sure not the drone wouldn't crash and be urinated by another sheep again haha
  12. i have friends that uses trackimo, marco polo trackers. i heard them say they're great
  13. what do you suggest? i'm a beginner and im looking for important attachments for my drone too
  14. attach an additional gps tracking device just to make sure you could still see your drone even without the line of sight