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  1. ryanolivas

    Complete Guide: TRAVEL Drone Tips

    Nothing in particular actually. But I want to read something that I don't know yet or not aware of it yet. Can be small but still useful details. For example the "Take Multiple Takes" Tip you have, I didn't realize it before reading your guide.
  2. ryanolivas

    Complete Guide: TRAVEL Drone Tips

    Well if the reader is someone who wants to know more about drones(like me😀), It won't even matter how long it is as long as it has some useful information. I would say your post was short but still a lot of useful tips and you even added links for someone who wants to dig deeper on that certain topic.
  3. ryanolivas

    $99 Tello Drone

    I agree! It also takes quality shots so you could practice taking videos also.
  4. ryanolivas

    Complete Guide: TRAVEL Drone Tips

    Thanks for the tips! Although I can't say its a complete guide since its just a short guide.
  5. ryanolivas


    Nice Video
  6. ryanolivas

    Free Music Resource for Your Videos

    Thanks for this! keep posting tracks cause we really need it.
  7. ryanolivas

    Bird like drone

    In the future, I think they will also develop the same type drone but smaller, stronger and Fly longer. It would be a great delivery drone.
  8. ryanolivas

    $99 Tello Drone

    Here's one from amazon and I think its worth trying for beginners. https://www.amazon.com/Quadcopter-DJI-technology-accessories-controller/dp/B078YLX1XJ
  9. ryanolivas

    Say hello to Erle-Copter!

    I Tried to search for samples on their website but no luck. I think I just need to look harder for it but if you can post some direct links, I would appreciate it.
  10. I started out with a $50 drone before I tried to fly my cousin's phantom 4 and it really helps because the cheap drone is actually harder to fly than the expensive ones. I got a lot of crashes but thankfully the drone is still surviving. Now I'm just saving up to get my own P4 cause I can only borrow his during saturday.
  11. ryanolivas

    Selling my Spark Fly More

    Could you post some sample videos and pictures.
  12. ryanolivas

    Say hello to Erle-Copter!

    I suggest you also post videos of it's sample flights and photos and videos taken from it's camera.
  13. Can you post some videos taken from that drone. Quite interested on it.