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  1. About six months ago a friend Sam (not his real name) at my local Men's Shed somewhere in the central wheat belt of Western Australia told me the story of how his daughter was flying her drone in Wylie (not the real name but close) when it apparently was starting to get out of control and just as she was losing sight of the craft, she pressed the RTH button with the expectations of the machine magically returning to her and landing at her feet, but NO! ~ The Drone stopped, raised up, then flew toward White Elephant Dam (it's real name -31°09'52.4"S 117°21'53.0"E), flying somewhere over the mulga trees before vanishing among the vastness of a paddock of wheat. After a lot of searching around the drone was written off as lost, missing in action; could've been anywhere. Months later around harvest, a truck driver found the missing drone and returned it to the owner's father, it wasn't in good shape having sat out in the open for months next to a dam (not White Elephant), where the sheep stood around pondering its existence and finally trying to trample it to death for trying to drink from their waterhole. I offered to try and fix the toy quadcopter as I occasionally pick up a soldering iron and like the smell of soldering flux fumes burning the lining of my nasal passage. I opened her up a Kaiser Baas Delta Drone, what I first thought was sheep urine around her circuit boards ended up being mostly pure rainwater so it hadn't done much damage to the boards, but after getting everything dry and testing the motors, two weren't working. I measured the resistance across the winding and found one of them to be an open circuit ( a broken wire?) Cut the motor out of the drone and pulled it to pieces and found wrong length mounting screw had crushed the windings and probably gone open circuit after being exposed to water via electrolysis of the different metals in contact with each other ( no sign of corrosion). Got hold of some new motors and boards from Kaiser Baas and after some tinkering had her flying again, I pulled the old APM to pieces and discovered it had an Atmel inside, connected it to Arduino IDE and opened the serial communication to the computer where it spat out a pile of jibberish to my computer screen. After opening "Pandora's Box" I now have a keen interest in learning to program APMs in C++ repairing and applying the technology to Agriculture. Baa, so that's why I'm here.