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  1. Whoa, that's a great share! That would have cost massive programming efforts. Great video and thanks for sharing!
  2. Yep and they might be the cause of interference. Much worse if the drone came by through the bigger lines, chances are they'd be vacuumed and magnetized by those lines
  3. @BrentMackay haven't replied in a while but I advice him a Tello. It's also a fun toy to play with on your spare time!
  4. What kind of drone are you flying?
  5. It will be mostly to those who have programming background. It's nice to see how drones get adaptive from time to time
  6. ... or just don't buy at all. LOL!
  7. Yes haha! I've seen a video of it that a Tello drone is programmed to mimic a cat's 'meow' after it flips.
  8. Good thing you have them repaired. Was is just small scratches?
  9. No problem. I hope i got my explanation point blank to what DJI explained in their website. Cheers and happy flying ?
  10. Well it seems like the refresh provides two additional drone replacements to your drone for a year and the care does not, maybeeee? I'm not sure, it's just what I understood
  11. Have you recovered your drones?
  12. I think the link is broken as I click it
  13. When will you shoot using this drone? Hope to see your videos when you've started recording