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  1. I would let my 12 year old daughter use them to further understand how different photography gear can enhance the picture she is taking of nature. She is in a STEM club at school, doing a nature photography project- and what better combination for STEM than to throw in drones? And good equipment? No telling what creativity chain reaction these could set off!
  2. Mavic 2 pro for me, tello edu for teaching the kids python and drones. :)
  3. What flight controller and software are you using? Sounds like the escs need reprogramming - which is easy to do. May also need to set the mins / max on them. Also ensure your flight controller is facing the proper direction, the props are on the proper arm, and that the motors are in the correct order for what the flight controller is expecting. I have had this happen before (once arming) - the FC thinks it knows how to correct, but because something is off it tries to lift that side of the craft but the other motor goes up, making it worse and it goes into a uncontrolled cycle until somethi g bad happens.
  4. Oh no! Is this the used one you took a chance on?
  5. Bill- Keep us posted- I'm in the same boat as you. Would love to get a DJI - something I can trust more than the ones I have built. They are so darn expensive for the average Joe though. John